Business Model: United States

United States Business Region

Banks Channel has a long history of representing brands in North Carolina and the surrounding states, beginning with Freixenent USA. While Banks Channel no longer represents Freixenet in the US, the same model used to create the Freixenet distributor network is still used today by Banks Channel.

A synopsis of Banks Channel's US Import business model is below:

  1. Interviewing every prospective distributor, face-to-face, to determine the best distributor choice(s) for each brand.
  2. Collecting and analyzing monthly depletion data from every distributor in an effort to monitor on-hand inventories, anticipate sales trends, and reduce both out-of-stocks as well as over-stocks.
  3. Providing each supplier-partner detailed depletion reports by brand and by distributor/market.
  4. Reviewing every distributor purchase order in an effort to maintain proper inventory levels based on order cycles and to suggest possible item additions/deletions.
  5. Placing all orders with the supplier.
  6. Coordinating total market orders and pooling those orders to achieve the most economical freight rates.
  7. Providing a cost effective US warehouse solution for those distributor-partners who are not able to purchase directly from the source. 
  8. Invoicing distributors for product and assuming financial responsibility for all distributor accounts receivable.
  9. Coordinating market-wide marketing plans, including the use and placement of all relevant POS materials.
  10. Managing all price promotions through the communication of depletion allowances with distributor-partners.
  11. Managing product placement and positioning in all the major retail grocery chains throughout the region.
  12. Coordinating price promotions with retail grocery chain headquarters to achieve advertised feature.
  13. Creating a list of targeted accounts throughout the region that will accurately represent and reinforce a particular brand's image.
  14. Managing placements in key on-premise accounts throughout the region by making joints sales calls with distributor-partners.

Banks Channel is aggressively seeking appropriate and like-minded supplier-partners who have viable brands for US introductions.